How to Block Friends on Facebook

Have you had an altercation with one of your friends on Facebook? Are you tired of getting raunchy messages from a stranger? This time we will teach you the best way to Block Friends on Facebook. To begin this process first thing you need to do is log into your Facebook account and be attentive to which we now turn.

Block Friends on Facebook

To start you must be located in your Facebook profile, you must now press the security icon in a “lock” it is on the top right. Three options from which you must select the option to “How do I prevent someone keep nagging me?” Automatically a box blank he was enabled to unfold.

In that empty box you must write the name or email address of the person you want me to stop bothering you, when you’ve written you give click “Block”. an extra window where you will be asked again confirm your choice by clicking on “Block” appears. It is important to know that with this option active will not receive any messages from the blocked person you can not tag you in a publication, neither can make invitations to any event.

remove friends in Facebook

Facebook a social network where many people around the world find, but there are also people who are just looking to inconvenience. Blocks to contacts on Facebook.

How to Change a Facebook Status

A Facebook status is an update on your wall where you can express written your mood, important moments either a meeting or a party with friends. When you update your Facebook status you can customize if you want to stay in public, friends or alone if I want it to be private.

Change a Facebook Status

This article will teach you How to Change a Facebook Status in a simple form, you must first log into your Facebook account and place you in your wall. Now you just have to write your mood that says “What are you thinking?” That is located in a blank space where you can write whatever you want.

When you’ve finished writing your mood you only need to click on “Post”, so your friends can give me love or leave a comment. You can make more interesting your posts on Facebook accompanied with an image, tagging friends in the publication, adding an extra profit status or place the location where you’re writing.

Facebook Status

In Facebook you can express yourself with a lot of freedom, your post on Facebook can be seen by your friends or the whole world if you wish.

How to Add a New Album on Facebook

Facebook is a social network where you can share your photos with friends, family or other contacts, but there is an advanced option where you can upload multiple images in one action creating albums. This time we’ll show how to Add a New Album on Facebook so your friends can comment. You start the process by logging into your Facebook account, after that you place yourself on your wall.

Add a New Album on Facebook

When you’re in your Facebook wall, you need to click on “photo / video” which is located on the side where you write your “state”. Then two options from which you must select “Create Photo Album” will appear. Now you must select the photos you want to add to the album and to click on “Open” and wait to be loaded. Finally you just have to add a title to the album where you enter and to click on “publish”.

Album on Facebook

Create a photo album on Facebook in the easiest way to share unique moments with friends or family. Follow step by step the process of this post.

How to Change Your Facebook Password

Facebook is one of the best social networks worldwide to help in having a better entertainment and communication for all his followers, and all this is thanks to the good applications and tools to this you can also involve many other innovations that will explain you Next.

Change Your Facebook Password

Thanks to this network as explained later you’ll find a better communication through chat windows or videos called or many other things such as send or receive friend requests from friends and family or as post your own statements in your profile.

If you already have a Facebook account for your own benefit and perhaps for personal reasons you want to change your Facebook password as it is unsafe for you, you just have to follow the following steps will explain below.

First we open the official website where we start meeting and head to “settings” where clearly see that says “Account Settings” and below “Password” will give click to edit the following steps. Which it is to put the current password that you want to change and write down the new password you want to obtain back again to repeat last step click on “save changes” and so finish everything you need.

Facebook Password

This is all you need to properly apply only I invite you to follow step by step what you explain all the details necessary to change the password for Facebook.